Fortnite ~ DIRECTX 12 SUPPORT FOR PC Fortnite 11.20 Patch Note

Bug fixes

§  Resolved syncing issues involving the Bandage Bazooka. (Because these have been resolved, the Bandage Bazooka has been re-enabled.)
§  Addressed reports of hitching on mobile devices.
§  Resolved the equipped item slot being the selection slot when players open the inventory.
§  Addressed reports of buildings sometimes appearing low-detailed on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as players land on the map.
§  The hair of the Devastator Outfit now appears the intended color.
§  The John Wick Outfit’s Pistol no longer appears larger than intended.
§  The Magma Wrap now appears correctly on everything except the Bandage Bazooka and Pistol.
§  It will appear correctly on these weapons in a future release.

v11.20 includes enhancements to the Battle Royale experience:

§  Daily Challenges are back and can be completed for XP!
§  Up to three at a time are available, and once a day you can replace a Challenge for another.
§  In the Locker, you can now filter your items by the Season they were introduced in.
§  To filter your items by Season, enter the Season name in the search bar. Use terms like “season 5,” “season x,” “chapter 2 season 1,” etc.
§  You can now adjust the UI contrast.
§  To adjust the UI contrast, use the User Interface Contrast setting in the Graphics section of the Video settings.
§  Added a Tutorial playlist for the mobile version of Fortnite.
§  Added Microsoft DirectX 12 support to the PC version of Fortnite.
§  To use Microsoft DirectX 12, select it in the Advanced Graphics section of the Video settings.
§  Adjusted the headshot multiplier of the Tactical Shotgun so it’s now in line with the headshot multiplier of the Pump Shotgun.
§  Increased the Effective Health (sum of Health + Shield) given from Slurp Tankers.

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