Get Pokémon GO on cross-platform AR-multiplayer Buddy Adventure both players can interact with the other's Buddy Pokémon through their phone cameras.

Pokémon GO on cross-platform AR-multiplayer Buddy Adventure. It looks like the feature will be restricted to two players at first, but both players can cooperate with the Pokémon Buddy  through their phone cameras. Considerably for all, Buddy Adventure will be cross-platform. This means an iPhone user can communicate with an Android user’s Pokémon.

The latest feature, which is currently called Buddy Adventure, will provide players new ways for players to communicate with their Pokémon. By using real-time AR networking technology, Buddy Adventure will provide multiple players to communicate with a single AR Pokémon in real-time.

Pokémon Go keeps adding the latest updates for the mobile game, despite all the awareness that might now be focused on the incoming shield and sword games releasing in a few days for Nintendo Switch. One of these is Buddy Adventure.

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