Back once COD Mobile launched, it came with controller support however was quickly force for unknown reasons. But now, because of a recent update, Activision has confirmed that gamepad support goes to the favored independent agency title.

At present, the sport solely supports official PS4 DualShock 4 (except first-generation) and Xbox One controllers. Must you wish to use a Nintendo Switch professional controller or another third-party choice, it'll warn you that victimization non-supported controllers may impact practicality and gameplay.

That said, any updates might add a lot of controller support in the future. It's additionally price noting that your Xbox One and PS4 controllers can solely work throughout a match, which means that you'll get to use the native bit managements to navigate menus and control the most UI.

Support means you'll modify your settings at intervals the "Controller" section of the settings menu. This section was antecedently replaced with Associate in Nursing "Other" section once controller support was removed shortly once unleash.

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