Rainbow Six Siege's administrator Vigil is recognizable from his outfit – quite often clad in a ballistic veil concealing his face from view, he's entirely simple to spot among the game's brand of playable saints. Nonetheless, aside from that look at an outlined Vigil without his cover, it presently seems as though we may have a smart thought of what the protecting administrator indeed resembles, affability of one Reddit client – and it's unnerving.

Rainbow Six Siege

Client KowyCzech has recently posted a picture on the Rainbow Six subreddit of what gives off an impression of being down documents of Vigil's character model with the remark "Vigil without his veil. I should state he is intriguing being." In it, you can see his profile rendered in dim and split into two sections – his principle 'body' and the cover with a neck work appended by it. Remove the cover, however, and there's very little left of poor Vigil's face – look at it for yourself further down the article.

Maskless Vigil'sface is an incorporeal mouth and part of the skin around his eyes – and that is it. Given that he's never without his cover in Rainbow Six, it would seem that the devs may have chosen to simply leave his face at that, as you're probably not going to need to see significantly more in-game. However – no big surprise he's enthused about concealing.

What's intriguing is the reason the devs have given him teeth in the work if his veil as a rule covers his whole face. As one client recommends in the remarks, maybe they have plans for a veil that shows off his silvery whites later on. These is only hypothesis, obviously, however it could clarify the decision.

A few plans Ubisoft has coming up for Rainbow Six Siege incorporate rebalancing plans for the guide pool for players in Ranked, in addition to some different changes anticipated Y4S3 of the game.

Rainbow Six Siege

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